Can you paint me a picture?

After exploring paints and various surfaces, the day finally came when a friend asked me the big question…. “Can you paint me a picture?” His name was St. John Greene. I met Singe not long after I started dating my husband Richard, in 2009,  I was very sad to hear that Singe had lost his wife to breast cancer, leaving him and his 2 boys to create a future together without her. As I got to know him and his brave boys they became close friends and we often shared family time together. Singe, Reef, Finn and I loved roller-skating and we all enjoyed skating along the seafront followed by seaside chips and fun on the park with our boys Xavier and Reuben, and older children Freya and Myron.

Singe had admired my art and passion for captivating memories, transporting them onto canvas and admiring these memories forever.  After reading his book ‘Mum’s List’ prior to publication, I had already stepped into their experience of grief, including special memories, hopes and dreams. So, when he commissioned a piece of work I was very nervous at the start. He provided many photographs of him and Kate, the boys, their special places, a list of  things Kate loved and of course what they’d planned to do.

Once I had absorbed all of the emotions I began the sketch and using acrylic paints I began an art journey I never thought possible. It was quite a big canvas with lots of detail to include.  I merged experiences of their lives and created a collage of all the special times they had shared, including Kate’s favourite butterfly, the place they got engaged, their passion for diving and a future dream to see the Northern Lights.

Kate had expressed her love for Singe using the phrase ‘acres and acres’, A phrase that became a deep memory of the life they had shared together. It seemed perfect to me to name the canvas ‘Acres and Acres’.  Singe and the boys loved it. Mum’s List went straight to number one in the book charts and has now become a very successful Film.  Singe now has a lovely lady in his life. Both families are enjoying life to the full, enjoying many adventures.

Acres and Acres
Acres and Acres Commission created using Acrylics.