For the love of cats!

So, I’ve finally become the crazy cat lady I was meant to be! Owning a cat or 6 😲 has sparked me to design a CAT-IO so our furry besties can enjoy their very own adventure space without the risk of injury and getting into fights with the cats in our neighbourhood. (There’s a lot!)

A few weeks ago, our 4 little ones got attacked in our garden causing lots of distress and a large vet bill. Their Mummy and Big Brother tried so hard to guard them while their fur stood on end and ushered the predictors out. Our smallest kitty called Boo-Bear got trapped behind my little wooden shop and Sully (Big Bruv) and Sky (Mummy) tried desperately to guide her out but in the end, we had to remove all of my stock and physically lift the Summerhouse to set her free. Belle, Beau, Duchess and Boo-bear were terrified and are still on edge when the back door is opened.

So, I set myself the challenge to create a magnificent space for us all to enjoy. Pinterest had some amazing ideas and inspired me a lot! I have a board called Cats, take a look if you’re on Pinterest. You might see some ideas for yourself.

With some help from some very special friends who are hands-on when it comes to DIY, my design will come to life. The most important part of this design is that we use as much of the old wood and materials to save money and more importantly; Stop it going to landfill. We will also be using insulation made from recycled white plastic milk bottles, numerous materials to create scratching posts, exploration and resting places.

Here’s some images of the garden as it is now. I warn you, it’s a real mess but within a few weeks hopefully it will be finished in time for us to enjoy the rest of the Summer sunshine 😻😻😻😻😻😻


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