One cat short of crazy!

So, the biggest project I’ve ever designed is now complete! Yippee!!!

Without the help of friends, this ambitious creation would not have been possible, I therefore thank both Adrian & Jack for their hard work in clearing the old, measuring, building and assembling the new Summerhouse and the Catio enclosure. You’re amazing!

Once Team Kilburn left, the next stage was to provide our kitties with an adventure experience that would keep them entertained and provide them with cosy hide-outs when they wanted to snooze and of course, have plenty of stimulation for exercise. So, another few sketches later, my husband and I salvaged as much off-cut wood as possible and got to work. Creating brackets, shelving and a very big hide-out box was hard work but it paid off.

The cats were curious and explored every single addition to their space. I used off-cuts of artificial grass to line shelving for relaxing and stretching and decorated with broken stemmed artificial flowers. Scattered artificial leaves and made toys with driftwood lengths, wrapping with string and hanging artificial leaves and bells from old collars.

The Summerhouse became the Zen Den. A space for peace and time-out both for all of the family to enjoy (mostly me and the cats!) Firstly, painted white and then filled with bursts of bright pinks, yellows and oranges.

The bench was made using 3 tables, secured together and legs wrapped in yellow rope to provide scratch posts and hanging toys for the cats to enjoy.

My relaxing chair has now been upcycled twice. It started out as cream & canvas and was originally painted with a shade of blue bathroom & kitchen paint. This gave the chair an easy-wipe surface and a faux leather look. For this upcycle I used remnants of a lemon colour kitchen paint.

Soft furnishing were bargain purchases of cushions and covers. The covers for the bench were sewn together with the zippers facing to the rear side of the bench. The covers individually became bench length and can be removed from cushions and washed as one piece. This of course is important! A door trimming was handmade using crochet and wool remnants, which looks very pretty. And, big rounds were also made for the cats to get cosy and sleep on.

A donated bookcase was painted was upcycled using mini paint sample pots and an old table was used for a little hide-out and space for candles, cups etc.

This project has made a massive difference to all of the family. I know my cats are safe, they are loved and entertained. We all have a quiet space to read or enjoy time alone. I’ve even enjoyed breakfast & lunch on the decking area on warm days too! It’s wonderful! It’s fantastic! It’s simply purrrrrfect!!!

One thought on “One cat short of crazy!

  1. OMG!! This is amazing Fina. What a fabulous area for all to enjoy. The vision you had for this project, you have executed perfectly. You must feel great!!!!!

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