New Beginnings with Happy HeARTs

Whilst I continue to enjoy painting animal portraits and taking commissions, I have spent the last 6 months filling my days with self-development.  I think it is important to invest time in yourself and develop your skills and knowledge as much as you possibly can. Life is about learning, not matter how you look at it. It doesn’t necessarily mean you have to go out there and get a Masters – if you can afford it and can do it – that’s something to be proud of for sure – however, if you can’t it’s no less achievement to improve YOU by reading books, looking at magazines, watching tutorials on Youtube, etc. It’s how I got to where I am right now! Courses and workshops are widely available, whether they be online or at your local community centre, signing up for these can provide a great foundation to self-development.

On New Years Eve 2018 at 11.50pm, I signed up for an online course. I literally thought this is for ‘ME’ as it popped up on my news feed on Facebook. The course probably went out to thousands but at that moment, I believed the Higher Power was telling me something. So, I went with my gut feeling and thought “That’s it, this New Year’s Resolution is SELF-DEVELOPMENT” ( I didn’t have one until that point) Since then, I have completed 3 courses and have already signed up for 2 more which will help me progress even further with self-development and my business.

As I was learning about the subject of therapeutic art  I realized one thing – that I was living proof that this stuff actually works and that I could help others realize this too. I was basically adding the cement to my creative brick wall. Filling in the gaps with the knowledge and science behind all the practical blocks I had already built. After this ‘light-bulb’ moment I spent hours of time researching more and more, learning more and more. It’s been wonderful to see my own creative reflection and being able to visualize the next part of my Creations by Fina journey. So, with my HAPPY – INSPIRING self (not always, as I am Human and I do have bad days, sometimes really bad days), I am really looking forward to this journey, being able to help my clients invest in their own personal development using my support and NEW knowledge as a Therapeutic Art & Happiness Life Coach will bring much happiness into my own life too.

Happy HeARTs Workshops will help you discover your happiness using the gift of colour and creativity.

Workshops will take place at the Big Worle Hub in Weston-super-Mare. 2019 Dates are as follows…


Tues 25th June (7-9pm), Tues 23rd July (7-9pm), Tues 6th August (7-9pm*), Tues 20th August (7-9pm), Tues 3rd September (7-9pm*), Tues 17th September (7-9pm), Tues 15th October (7-9pm), Tues 12th November (7-9pm), Tues 10th December (7-9pm)

11 Feniton, Clovelly Rd, Weston-super-Mare, BS22 6LN 

Only 8 spaces available per workshop so booking is essential.

TICKETS: £12 per workshop*

Tickets: Contact me direct via website Contact Form . Payment – Cash, Card or Bank Transfer.

These sessions are for self-development. I am not a licensed healthcare provider or therapist and will not provide medical advice, engage in patient diagnosis or practice therapy. I do not treat or otherwise counsel those with mental illness. Full Disclaimer available to view at each Happy HeARTs workshop.

Blank Journals will be available to purchase/order during the workshops.

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