About the Artist …

My fascination for painting has been a very recent discovery.  I never really knew how much I would enjoy the creativity of putting a brush to canvas.  It was a ‘lack of cash’ that inspired me to buy my first blank canvas.  Christmas was fast approaching and I knew it was going to be a tricky time.  I thought that if I could paint something simple, it would be the perfect gift to all who received it.  I never thought for one moment that I would open a new doorway to expressing my thoughts, feelings and ideas.

 As a child I had always liked the idea of drawing but could never seem to get it right.  My passion was with colour and as a girl born in the 70’s, entering her teens in the 80’s; I was inspired by one thing and one thing only … Make-Up!!  I blended every colour possible and dreamt that one day I would become a Make-Up Artist.  I followed that dream and eventually landed a career working for one of the largest cosmetic houses in the world.

 I’d see every cleansed face as a blank canvas and create a new image for all that I touched.  My inspiration was simply to help people look at themselves and see their beauty from within, using their face as a reflection of what was already existing on the inside of their own self.  My artwork is created in exactly the same way.

 Almost anything beautiful and natural can inspire my painting.  I love nature and am quite an ‘outdoor girl’, so the sun, sea and panoramic views fill me with inspiration and ideas.  I’m also a big fan of colour-therapy and often use a selection of colours to bring out the feelings in a painting.  I use different materials and painting techniques to add depth and always like the thought of others wanting to reach out and touch, feeling the emotion and story for themselves.

 I believe that beauty comes from within; colour enhances it, thus creating confidence and strength; creativity and inspiration – no matter who you are and how you express it.

Fina x

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