Happy HeARTs

Happy HeARTs is my latest addition to Creations by Fina. This year has been about self-development and after completing 3 online courses I plan to continue to invest in myself for the rest of 2019, maybe for as long as I possibly can.

As soon as I started studying, I knew I wanted to start helping others to find their ‘happy’. Life isn’t always a great ride, however, learning to invest in yourself regularly, will inevitably make a difference to your well-being. It has mine.

My Happy HeARTs workshops will allow you to enjoy the benefits that creative art brings to your emotional and physical well-being.

This journey of self-discovery and self-healing will unlock the power of the sub-concious mind, allowing you to de-stress, relax and unwind.

You will explore a variety of ancient tools including mandala, affirmations and journalling. Using these therapeutic processes you will create your own art using self-expression rather than having high expectations of creating a masterpiece.

These workshops will increase creativity, intuition and help to manifest your dreamms. They will change your limiting beliefs, heal emotional pain and will help you manage emotions in a positive way. Increasing confidence and happiness, helping you achieve the life you want to live.


I am very proud to have achieved what I have. No matter what life throws at me, I usually get up, dust myself off and carry on. Life isn’t always easy, I do suffer from dark days and times however, I know that my feelings are not permanent. Feelings come and go. As do good times and not so good times. At this moment in time, I am very happy to have achieved and to become a Therapeutic Art & Happiness Life Coach, Professional Animal Portrait Artist, founder of Creations by Fina & now Happy HeARTs.


Creating happiness, one creation at a time.


My workshops are hosted at the Big Worle Hub, Weston-super-Mare.

One to one coaching also available.