Inspiration …

All of my creations are usually presented on canvas or on pebbles. I occasionally paint designs on vases and ornaments alike; Also, having a good needlework hand comes in handy for textile art and beadwork. I would normally work on a collection of designs that have a theme or thought behind them. Most of which are usually inspired by sunshine and panoramic natural beauty.

 Using many types of recycled materials and experimenting with liquid filler, I will create as I go along, however, if I have a certain theme in mind I will plan and prepare before I start to paint.  I will collect photographs, poems, clippings from magazines or newspapers and little artefacts until I have a clear image of what I want to create.  My journal is a good way to keep all my ideas so every inspiration is noted and can be used as a reference at a later date when I need a little help.

 Most of my work will have a symbolic trio creative which symbolises my family.  For example, if you take a look at my ‘Seaside Collection’, each painting has a trio of seagulls and from my ‘Sunshine Collection’- Sunny Days features 3 white clouds.  When using Street Art styles on canvas I will often hide the letter F to symbolise Fina and again usually have the symbolic trio too.

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