Welcome to Fina’s world!

Hiya everyone!

So, here we go, my very first blog… well, on this fresh new website/blog anyway! My last one got hacked and I lost all my content which was a blessing really, as it has given me the chance to re-focus and re-direct my aim for my creative arrow. Just in case you’ve not yet read my intro pages, I am a Mum to 4 children, a teenage daughter & son and twin boys who started school in September 2015; a Wife to an amazing man (and Daddy/Step-Dad); and as well as being head of Hectic-Mania Head Quarters (also known as our family home), I am the brains behind Creations by Fina.  We live in Weston-super-Mare with our lovely zoo! (not a real z00 … a dog, cat, fish and 2 gerbils).

I have lived in the South West for 16 years and in Weston for the last 12. It is here where my Art Journey began. This was the very first piece that sold in a working gallery owned by the late John Fiddes. An artist who I met through chance, thanks to a very cheap, worn out paint brush! John was more than happy to offer space in his gallery to showcase my works – there was only one slight problem – I hadn’t got any works at all! I had only images of gifts that I had made for friends and family. He suggested I put brush to canvas and start a collection of around 50 pieces! I was a little horrified at the time, as I hadn’t really got the experience for the Art World … where does one begin?  I literally started at the beginning which was a very good place to start (cue for a song!). Not really having much confidence as I’d only picked up the brushes occasionally  and sketched a little, I chose an ‘abstract’ theme. This is when The Sunshine Collection was created. I then moved onto The Seaside Collection. This was John’s favourite. I still add to this collection now. Naturally inspired by our home town and the South West coastline, especially North Devon where we holiday a lot – I enjoyed painting seaside scenes … a lot.

Both collections were exhibited at The Art House, in John’s quaint gallery in a small side street in Weston town. This piece, Bon Voyage, was the first piece I sold. John went on to sell 12 pieces of my work in just a year!

Unfortunately, in December 2010, John tragically passed away. He was such an amazing artist who spent a lot of his time sharing techniques and answering my questions about brushes, paints and much more. With thanks to his family, I was given an easel that belonged to him and still use it today. So, I suppose the first question of who discovered  Fina’s art, was John Fiddes. A jolly, little man who’s psychedelic styles inspired me, nurtured me and most importantly … believed in me.

Bon Voyage – created using acrylics on canvas.