Paint, Paper and Animal Portraiture

Jo Green at the North Somerset Arts 20 x 20 exhibition 2018

Fina is a professional, collage artist, designer and maker. She works from her home studio and uses a variety of mediums, materials and techniques.  Her art and creations are inventive and resourceful, often using a layered process creating texture and hidden sentiment.

After nearly 10 years of painting, started painting animal portraits several years ago. She now has several outlets in the South West that stock her new designs.

Inspired by nature and animals, whether they are wild or pampered, big or small! She is a quirky, planet-loving creative who’s versatile in style and is known for her ability to captivate the souls of all kinds of creatures whether they are from home, land or sea.

She has a particular fondness for the feline kind and her designs are often influenced by her own curious, adventurous and often mischievous cats!

Commissions are always welcome. If you are interested, feel free to contact her via the contact form for more information.