Creative Soul

Creativity is certainly a gift. I was born with it! From a very young age, I can remember always making something. I can remember watching Why Don’t You, Tony Hart and Blue Peter religiously. Then I would get to work on making something that inspired me enough to raid my Mum’s kitchen cupboards, searching for empty Persil and Cornflake boxes, pop bottles and empty jars! I can remember making a little washing machine out of a Persil box once and I pretended to wash my Sindy doll clothes in it – playing with it for days on end. Inspired by Beatrix Potter and Enid Blyton, I used to write stories and drawer illustrations to accompany the pages. I loved reading stories and writing poetry too.

During my teens, I studied mostly computing skills and Typewriting; One Christmas, my parents bought me my very first electric typewriter. I was amazed at how soft the keys were, learning to type on an old fashioned typewriter at school was probably a big contribution to my achy finger joints now! Lol! So, using this typewriter improved my words per minute but also gave me a chance to create pictures with letters. It sounds crazy I know but I used to tear out pictures from my colouring books an colour in (only red and black ink) using words or letters.

Stencilling became popular in the early 90’s,  not long after I left school so I had to have a go and transformed a number cupboard doors and walls in my very first flat. I look back at that now and think, OMG, what was I thinking! But at the time it looked great. Everybody loved my ability to turn something old into something new again.

Papillon Rouge - Nature Infusion Collection by Fina
Papillon Rouge from the Nature Infusion Collection was created using ceramics, fabrics, wire, beads, paper, embroidery and recycled materials.

I then ventured into my dream job working for Clinique.  I had been practicing make up techniques since the early 80’s, following step-by-step pictures in Jackie magazine and had a skin-care regime from the age of 9;  I definitely never thought at the time that I wasn’t worthy of such a job! But do you know what? … any dream is possible when you plan the journey, start the journey and just keep walking towards it. It certainly provided the confidence boost I need and I really enjoyed my time working with people who really needed that very same boost. Helping them to achieve beauty from the inside, transformed how they felt about themselves on the outside and then when I applied their make-up, they looked good and felt amazing! During my time as a make-up artist I met some very lovely people, including a really lovely lady, called Gina. She was having a really ‘down’ day. We started to chat and I sat her down. Listened to her and then started to reach into her soul. She became a regular client and every visit brought positivity and confidence. She is now one of my best friends and despite some miles between, we see each other a few times a year and keep in touch regularly. We still talk about make-up but mostly she has walked alongside my creative journey, encouraged me all the way.

I have always wanted to encourage people to find their inner self and discover something different from their everyday life. I found my inner self through illness and then used my creativity to strengthen my abilities. I am very proud and content  with my creative journey so far. I am certain that my purpose is to create and inspire. I am sharing my skills and techniques, enabling those who are hoping to improve theirs. Hopefully, my workshops and sessions I have completed so far have brought lots of inspiration and provided that feeling ‘I have to try that!’.

Everybody has a creative soul, you just have to reach inside and look for it.